God is Here !

God Is Here And Alive On Earth:

God is here on earth. Maybe not in the sense that you can physically see God, but there are signs of God being right here on earth. If you want to know what some of signs are, then continue to read the rest of this article.

1. Intelligent Design Theory- Contrary to the “Big Bang Theory”, where we come from a random explosion, Intelligent design theory focuses more on the complexity of the universe and life itself. You cannot argue the fact that we are so intricately and very carefully designed, therefore there has to be a designer. If we are created, then God is Our Creator. Proof of Intelligent Design are everywhere, proving that God is here. Evidence abounds for example the “God Ratio”, or “Perfect Ratio”, that is found everywhere from quantum mechanics, to within the spiral arms of our galaxies, the God ratio is even found inside our dna. Scientists recently discovered a hidden source code inside our our dna. It’s so advanced and complex that evolution cannot explain it. Instead of giving credit where credit is due, “Intelligent Design”, they concluded that ALIENS from outer space must of put it there. Scientists will believe in aliens without proof, rather than believe in God where we see proof of his existence everyday.

2. The Human Brain- Another sign that God is here is the human brain. The brain is extremely powerful and it is one of the very few things that science cannot fully explain or know the extent of its capabilities and there is a possibility that God designed the brain to be the most complicated organ in the human body. Many people believe that the human brain is the most powerful thing in the world. It’s the more complicated than anything we’ve ever created, further proof of “Intelligent Design”.

3. Patients Becoming Cured- You hear it often, about patients have incurable conditions and doctors telling them that the chances of them surviving are slim. Then, from seemingly out of nowhere, the patients become better and they are healthy and normal, but doctors cannot figure out what happened. Some doctors even believe that this is God at work, and they are absolutely right. There have been cases from all around the world of people becoming cured of unthinkable injuries, diseases, illnesses and there have been some people who have made a recovery from cancer when others thought they would never be able to recover from it. God is here.

4. Unexpected Miracles- Asides from miracle cures, there are other types of unexpected miracles that many people experience every single day. For example, sometimes someone will be so down on their luck and they have hit rock bottom and they think there is nothing left for them. However, their luck may change overnight or in an instant and their life changes for the better. Many good things and amazing things have happened to people when they needed them the most, and this is due to God performing miracles on people who need them the most.

The above information should be enough to convince you that God is here. There are many other examples that could have been discussed. However, the examples discussed above are some of the most obvious and common signs that show God is real and that God is here on earth and with us every single day.

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